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Discover Albany, OR Sleep Dentistry

Dental sedation has made comfortable dental care a reality for fearful patients whose anxiety has prevented them from seeking necessary treatment in the past. Those patients who avoid seeing the dentist are at a higher risk for gum disease, tooth decay, and other serious oral health problems. The good news is that, with dental sedation in Albany, OR from Dr. Patrick Hagerty and Dr. Brian Summers, you can enjoy comfortable dentistry to achieve a healthy smile.

Sedation Dentistry in Albany

Sedation is used to reduce anxiety and stress that some people associate with dental procedures. Sedation is also fast-acting, effective, and allows you to experience a sense of relaxation when in the dentist’s chair. In some cases, you may not remember much of the procedure. Our Albany dental office offers the following methods of administering sedative medication for dental treatment:


Oral Sedation – In this approach to sedation dentistry, you are given oral medication in order to experience a state of relaxation. This medication typically takes effect shortly and lasts for several hours. While sedated, you will not be asleep, but time will appear to have passed quickly – your treatment will be finished before you know it.

IV Sedation - We utilize current techniques and medications to provide the most relaxing experience. With oral medication, absorption rates can vary, and last for hours, while IV sedation allows for precise dosage of medication, and at the same time, provides a profound and safe level of sedation.

Hospital Dentistry - Both Dr. Summers and Dr. Hagerty are residency-trained dentists and have hospital privileges at Samaritan Albany General Hospital. In the hospital, patients are treated under general anesthesia where they are completely asleep. Good candidates for hospital dentistry are patients with severe dental anxiety, people with special needs, or those who have complex medical histories.

We put our patients first and are able to accommodate dental care for most anyone, no matter what their needs or anxieties may be.  Dental sedation is often used for tooth extractions, root canal therapy, dental implant surgery, and other, more comprehensive treatments, but can also be utilized for routine procedures, such as fillings and crowns. With our broad range of dental services, and our ability to care for almost any patient, our team can help you get the treatments you need.

Is Dental Sedation Safe?

Dental sedation is a safe, widely-used treatment aid that makes dentistry more accessible to those who suffer from severe fear about undergoing oral health procedures. As always, it’s important to seek care from qualified oral health professionals in order to receive reliable dental care. Dr. Patrick Hagerty and Dr. Brian Summers have advanced training in procedures such as implant dentistry, oral surgery, and hospital dentistry and are able to provide patients with exceptional care for their sedation dentistry needs.

You Don’t Have to Fear Your Dental Visits – Contact Us Today!

If you’ve been avoiding the dental office for fear of undergoing treatment, don’t wait any longer. Both your over-all health and your oral health can greatly benefit from routine visits to the dentist. For more information about comfortable, worry-free dentistry, contact our office to learn about our Albany, OR dental sedation services.